Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Faith-based restructuring

Last week, John Key announced that he was merging the Ministries of Economic Development, Building and Housing, Labour, and Science and Innovation into a new "super-ministry". So, how much will this cost? Labour's David Cunliffe asked super-minister Steven Joyce that question in Parliament today. The answer?

The specific costings for the items sought by the member are not available at this time.
Yes, that's right: the government embarked on a major, costly restructuring process, with no idea of how much it will cost. And yet they claim it will produce net savings. Obviously, its hard to take that claim seriously.

This is simply faith-based policy. The business-geniuses of National wouldn't be allowed to run a business this shoddily - their shareholders wouldn't let them. So why do we let them run our government in this way?