Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How hard is it really?

Over on A Bee of a Certain Age, Deborah highlights the real problem with Nick Smith's "personal reference" on Ministerial letterhead for a friend in conflict with his Ministry:

Yes, we know Ministers of the Crown have friends. I’ve got friends too. And I know damned well that if one of my friends turns up in my classes, then I make a careful separation between my friend and my student. I ensure that I don’t give her extra assistance over and above the assistance I would give to any of my students, and I get all her work marked by someone else, and I keep everything as open and above board as possible. That’s what an ethical person does. And it’s not at all difficult to work out.
As she said, its not difficult, and a basic part of ethics. Sadly, National Party Ministers seem to have that part of their brain surgically removed on taking office. Instead of trying to be fair and be seen to be fair, it's "how can I use this to advantage myself and my mates?"

We should not allow such unethical people to hold government office in our country.