Thursday, March 08, 2012

Len Brown's problem

Over on The Standard, Jimmy Reid gives an example of the problem Len Brown has created for himself over Ports of Auckland:

I delivered your leaflets in the rain. I erected your hoardings across Auckland. I phoned and canvassed support for you. I encouraged my friends to vote for you.

But it’s over.

Frankly, I find your protestations that you could not help the 292 sacked wharfies asking to be able to work to live and not live to work offensive. Don’t play the victim: your salary is too big.

By refusing to back the union and rein in Ports of Auckland's psychopathic management, Brown is burning his own base. And while he may be attracting new votes from the wealthy on the North Shore, there's rather fewer of them, and their money doesn't make up for feet on the ground. Next election, Brown is going to be abandoned by the people who put him in office. This may very well mean a right-wing mayor. But at least people will know where they stand, and they won't have to vote for a man who betrays them.