Monday, June 18, 2012

A bad sign

Egyptians also went to the polls over the weekend to elect a new President. But just after the polls had closed, the military made it clear that regardless of who was elected, they would be running the show:

Egypt's ruling military has issued a declaration apparently granting itself sweeping powers, as the country awaits results of presidential elections.

The document by the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (Scaf) reportedly says new general elections can not be held until a permanent constitution is drawn up.

It also allegedly gives the Scaf legislative control.

No new elections means the people cannot overturn last week's judicial coup, which saw Mubarak's judges dissolve the Muslim Brotherhood-dominated Parliament. Meanwhile, the army has also said that it does not have to obey the President and can arrest people. So what's their source of democratic legitimacy? That's right - they don't have any.

It will be interesting to see how the Egyptian people respond to this, whether they will stand up for the rights they seized in Tahrir Square, or whether they will meekly submit themselves to the gun again.