Monday, June 25, 2012

Petition progress

A little under two months ago, the Keep Our Assets petition was approved by the Clerk of the House. This means that the campaign has until 27 April 2013 to collect the ~310,000 valid signatures required to force a referendum. So how's it doing? Pretty bloody well, according to the Herald on Sunday:

Spokesman Roy Reid said 95,000 people's signatures had been counted so far, and he estimated up to 50,000 more were on petition forms that had not yet been returned to be counted.
95,000 signatures in just two months. That means that we're already between a quarter and 40% of the way there (depending on whether you include those 50,000 outstanding or not), and we're looking at having enough signatures in three to six months, and a referendum at most 15 months after that.

The government may pass the law this week, but there will be a referendum, and we will revoke any claim they have to a "mandate". The question is how much they can flog off to their cronies before we do that - and how bad a deal they'll accept in order to shift that wealth into their cronies' hands.