Friday, June 01, 2012

Patronage and cronyism

Oh dear. Someone slipped up and published the honours list early. Its been removed, of course - but Google never forgets. If you give a shit, you can read it here (spoiler warning).

There are some appalling decisions on that list. Making the Duke of Edinburgh a member of the ONZ? Talk about toadying to the inbreds. There's a knighthood for Rod Deane. Wonder how much he paid for it? There's also a lot of top gongs for very senior public servants. What are we, Britain? We pay these people fat salaries for their services; isn't that enough? Plus of course there's a lot of gongs for businessmen, and one as a parting gift for Simon Power (who likewise was paid very handsomely for his services as a Minister).

There are a lot of decent, hard-working people on the list who have given selflessly to their communities for decades. They do not deserve to have their honours debased by such patronage and cronyism.

Update 04/06/12: I've now removed access to the honours list for privacy reasons. The official publication makes its publication redundant, and so there's no need to continue sharing the private information DPMC made public. Meanwhile, they might want to think in future about how much information they actually give out in these things. And again, if they don't want to see it on the web, they shouldn't post it.