Wednesday, June 20, 2012

NZ First steps up on asset theft

For a while I've argued that if the opposition wants to stop asset sales, they need to make it clear they will buy back stolen assets at a loss to the thieves. For all its rhetoric, Labour has refused to do this, putting the interests of the 1% ahead of those of ordinary kiwis. But now New Zealand First has stepped up to fill the leadership gap:

New Zealand First will use its influence on the next coalition Government to buy back our state-owned power companies which are being flogged off by National.

Rt Hon Winston Peters says New Zealand First is committed to buying back the shares at no greater price than paid by the first purchaser.

Currently, it is looking likely that NZ First will be involved in some way in the next government. Asset thieves might want to take that possibility into account before giving the government what will effectively be a zero-interest loan.

(Meanwhile, this is another example of Labour's failure to lead. And in their absence, other parties are doing it for them and will reap the benefits of doing so).