Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Head on a spike

Hugh Wolfensohn - the GCSB legal "expert" who supposedly failed to understand the law he'd helped write - has resigned:

The man who was in charge of the Government Communications Security Bureau when Kim Dotcom was placed under surveillance has resigned from the spy agency.

Hugh Wolfensohn was deputy director of the GCSB, and was acting director when the internet entrepreneur was illegally monitored.

Radio New Zealand's political staff say it's understood Mr Wolfensohn has been on leave since late last year.

The bureau has confirmed he has resigned and a spokesperson said they had no further comment.

Good riddance. Wolfensohn knew about the spying (and probably authorised it), and given his intimite knowledge of the Act, its impossible to believe that violating it was an innocent mistake. Losing his job is the least he deserves. And now perhaps we can see some criminal prosecutions as well?