Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Orcs are back

Three years ago Kiwis took to the streets to stop the government from digging up our national parks. The government apparently backed down - but like rust, National never sleeps. And now they're trying to devastate our natural heritage again, issuing exploration permits for schedule 4 protected land:

The Government is allowing mineral prospecting on protected conservation land despite promising in 2010 no mining will be allowed on such high-value estate.

Eight consents have been granted to prospect and explore for coal and other minerals in Coromandel and the West Coast's Paparoa National Park.

That's despite public outrage in 2010 when the government proposed freeing up some conservation land for mining. It was forced to back down and promised there would be no mining.

There is no reason to issue these permits unless the government is planning to mine. Issuing exploration permits while mining is forbidden is simply daft. So, it looks like National lied to us in 2010, and that the pillage of our natural heritage is back on.