Friday, March 22, 2013

The kiss of death

Susan Devoy's appointment as Race Relations Commissioner has received what should be, in a sane world, the kiss of death: she's been endorsed by Richard "Wogistan" Prosser:

New Zealand First's Richard Prosser fell out with his colleagues when he said Muslim-looking men should be turned away by Western airlines.

As for Dame Susan now being in charge of complaints on those sorts of views, he says she'll do a great job.

"I think she'll be superb. I shared a plane ride with her once a long time ago. Race relations are good in this country, I think we're a model for the world."

Someone should really ask Paul Henry what he thinks as well.

The position of Race Relations Commissioner is above all about credibility and mana. And on that front, Devoy is fatally compromised, and will be unable to do the job effectively. Rather than collecting her salary for five years while giving us a substandard service, she should resign and make way for someone who can be an effective voice for better race relations in New Zealand.