Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Our shortsighted business "leadership"

Our Mighty Atlases of Business are a whiny lot: they complain endlessly about a skill shortage, but they refuse to do anything about it themselves:

Although 83 per cent of Kiwi businesses reported in a survey that a shortage of skilled workers was hurting their business, few have programmes to attract key staff or to keep the ones they have engaged.

Deloitte's third annual Talent Edge New Zealand survey, conducted late last year, had over 300 respondents from managers across a range of economic sectors and different sized companies.

The skill shortage was widespread across all sectors and was identified as the single largest talent challenge.

As usual, they think its far better to whine at the government for handouts than invest in their own businesses. But I guess such investment would cost money, which they could use to buy themselves another BMW. This sort of shortsightedness is one of the primary reasons our business sector is so pathetic and unable to e.g. generate good investments for kiwis (they have to whine at the government to sell state assets to provide them as well). But as long as its dominated by the same old old boy network, that's unlikely to change anytime soon.