Thursday, May 30, 2013

Barbarism in PNG

Over the weekend Papua New Guinea moved to implement its long-dormant death-penalty. Meanwhile, their police are randomly mutilating criminal suspects:

The Papua New Guinea police have arrested an officer over accusations that police used bush knives to sever Achilles tendons of suspects as they were lying on the ground.

Three policemen are claimed to have carried out the violence on suspects who were apprehended in Port Moresby on Saturday.

The police were investigating a violent death and asked the suspects to walk to the Gordon police station because of transport problems.

On their way, the group was allegedly made to lie down and three officers cut the men's tendons.

This is utterly barbaric. But its what you get when your police force is little better than a criminal gang itself. And the PNG government thinks they can be trusted to cope with death penalty cases? I wouldn't trust them to solve a burglary, let alone with the effective power of life and death.