Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Government funded quack

Scientology is a quack cult, invented by a third-rate science-fiction author as a tax-dodge. So why is our government paying for their quack to be spread in schools?

A controversial Church of Scientology drug-awareness programme has received government funding to spread its unorthodox views through schools and community groups.

In the past six months, drug-free ambassadors linked to the church have circulated 130,000 drug education booklets around New Zealand, paid for in part by the Department of Internal Affairs' Community Organisations Grant Scheme.

The ambassadors claim at least 18 community groups – including their "partners" the Maori Wardens – plus at least seven high schools, endorse and use the materials.

Advice offered in the pamphlets is based on research by Scientology's controversial founder, LRon Hubbard, who did not believe in medical drugs or psychiatry but instead in purging oneself of painful experiences to gain immortality.

Ross Bell, executive director of the New Zealand Drug Foundation, warned that the group's information was flawed pseudo-science and could prove harmful to youth.

This material has been discredited time and time again, and it is used as a recruitment process. The programs they endorse have killed people, and were shut down in Quebec as a risk to health. This is not something our government should be funding.

It will be interesting to see whether Internal Affairs did any assessment before handing over the cash. If not, then someone needs to lose their job.