Thursday, May 16, 2013

It is her job

Judith Collins' latest excuse for her refusal to bring a bill to implement the recommendations of the Electoral Commission on MMP? Its not her job:

Justice Minister Judith Collins has rejected criticism that she made no effort to reach an agreement on MMP reforms, claiming it was not her role "to organise the Kumbaya sessions of party leaders" to sit down to decide what they wanted.


"I have a very robust and full agenda. It is not my role to be the keeper of the parties in Parliament.

"There has been no attempt by any of them to sit down and work out what they want."

Bullshit. Parliament operates under MMP, in which governments typically do not have a majority and must gain the support of other parties for their agenda. In such a situation, if a Minister wants to pass a bill, it is absolutely their job to gain that support. Collins refused not because it wasn't her job, but because she did not want the bill to pass. And for her to pretend otherwise is simply dishonest.