Monday, May 27, 2013

The expected over-reaction

As surely as night follows day, Britain's political establishment is using the murder of Lee Rigby to grab more power, pushing for bans on non-violent political groups, widespread political web censorship, and of course their old favourite of recording everyone's phone and web traffic "just in case" they're a "terrorist" (a shifting definition which now seems to include people who expose how MI5 harassment may have contributed to one of the suspects' radicalisation). One murder, and Britain seems to be rushing headlong into becoming a police state.

If the goal of the terrorists is, as advocates of the endless "war on terror" keep telling us, "to destroy our freedom", then the British political establishment seem to be active collaborators. But then, they've never been very comfortable with our freedom anyway - it had to be won from them piece by piece, over centuries, with blood and votes. And to them, the "war on terror" is just a convenient excuse to take those hard-won freedoms back, and subjugate us once again.