Friday, September 27, 2013

Chickening out

Maryan Street has withdrawn her voluntary euthanasia bill to avoid it being a "distraction" in election year:

A bill to legalise voluntary euthanasia has been withdrawn amid fears it would become a political football during election year.

Labour MP Maryan Street withdrew her End of Life Choice Bill before today's member's bill ballot.

Street said there would probably be only two more days this year in which member's bills would be considered by the House.

"Anything that is drawn, including the ones drawn today, will be debated in election year, and I don't want my bill debated in election year," she said.

So, they've learned precisely nothing from the marriage equality campaign. Leadership? Inspiration? You won't get that from the Labour Party. No, its pallid political management all the way. But again, if Labour won't lead, why should anyone care about them?