Thursday, September 19, 2013

Smith lied to Parliament

Yesterday in Question Time Conservation Minister Nick Smith was repeatedly asked whether he had given any indication to DoC about its submission on the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme. Eventually, after repeated evasions, he denied it. Naturally, he was lying:

A leaked email from the deputy director of conservation says Dr Smith had some concerns about the draft DoC submission to the Board of inquiry into the Hawke's Bay dam and wanted to see it.


The email leaked to Radio New Zealand was circulated to senior Department of Conservation staff, including the director general, and says Dr Smith wanted to see DoC's submission before it was lodged with the Board of Inquiry.

Contrary to Smith, that's a pretty strong "indication". In Ministerese, "some concerns", and "I want to see it" means "burn this thing and shred all copies". So, Smith interfered in the process, and lied to Parliament about it. That's unacceptable, and he should resign as a Minister.