Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What a coincidence!

Last month, internet entrepreneur Seeby Woodhouse spoke out against the government's Spy Bill. And suddenly, this happens:

One of the most amazing revelations that came out of last nights TICS Bill public meeting in Wellington was Seeby Woodhouse telling the audience that since he spoke out against the Government’s GCSB legislation he was stopped entering America and questioned about his business and shockingly he was pulled aside and questioned by NZ officials when re-entering NZ.
(Emphasis added)

And he's not alone - apparently it's happened to at least one other anti-spy bill campaigner as well.

Once might be coincidence. Twice is suspicious. But three times is enemy action. The obvious conclusion is that the spies are targeting those who democraticly speak out against them, and putting them on anti-terror watchlists. And Cthulhu only knows what level of surveillance they'll now be subjected to. Our spies appear to be dangerously out of control and to have utter contempt for democratic values. Time to defund them and shut them down.