Monday, September 23, 2013

KFC hates the disabled

KFC is systematicly sacking its disabled employees. This isn't just a case of a rogue manager, but official company policy:

Details of the way a fast food giant is axing disabled workers can be revealed today.

The Herald on Sunday has obtained documents outlining how KFC demands staff be capable of all duties to an "All Star" level. The company also confirms it is disestablishing "limited duties roles".

MPs, the Unite Union and disability support groups say this deliberately targets disabled workers.

A restructure proposal given to one sacked disabled employee states there will be "no one specifically doing limited duties". The document states the company must meet food and health safety obligations.

This is utterly vile. It is also almost certainly illegal. Disability is a prohibited ground of discrimination in the Human Rights Act, and employers are forbidden to discriminate on that basis. While they have an exemption for health and safety, that does not apply if the risks can be reduced by "reasonable measures". Having disabled employees work only on particular duties is such a reasonable measure, and the refusal to provide it is unreasonable. I expect the Human Rights Commission is going to show no mercy over this.

And neither should you. This company has demonstrated by its policies that they hate the disabled. Until those policies are changed and their victims rehired with a full public apology, decent people simply shouldn't shop there.