Tuesday, November 05, 2013

How... convenient

Back in September we learned that Serco, who runs the Auckland Remand Centre here in NZ, was implicated in a major sexual abuse scandal over its running of the Yarl's Wood immigration detention centre in the UK, with female detainees subject to sexual harassment, coercion and rape. But it looks like Serco and its rapist staff will get off the hook - because the Home Office is deporting the key witness:

The only witness to an alleged case of sexual misconduct at Yarl's Wood immigration removal centre is to be deported, without being given the opportunity to testify to police.

Sirah Jeng was detained on Thursday inside the centre, hours before a scheduled interview with police. Jeng alleges she witnessed a male Serco employee having sexual contact with a detainee.

She has been given five days' notice of deportation, the minimum period required, and is to be sent back to the Gambia on Tuesday. Campaigners accuse the Home Office of attempting to "silence" Jeng by removing her from the UK before she can be questioned by officers.

How... convenient that she's due for deportation before she can give evidence. Its almost as if the government is covering for its contractor. But they'd never abuse their powers to save a contractor's staff from criminal prosecution (and the government from political embarrassment and a huge compensation bill)... would they?