Thursday, November 21, 2013

National lied to us about drilling

At the moment, Texan oil cowboys Anadarko are starting drilling in 1500m of water off the Raglan coast. Environment Minister Amy Adams has told us repeatedly that the drilling is safe, and that there is no chance of an accident. But she's been lying to us:

Documents obtained by Labour show the Government has kept secret the real risk of an incident including a major oil spill occurring at the depths of Anadarko’s proposed Kaikōura drilling site, Labour Leader David Cunliffe says.

“The Government has constantly told the public deep sea oil exploration will be safe.

“However, documents obtained under the Official Information Act show Environment Minister Amy Adams had international research 13 months ago showing there is a 70 per cent probability of a ‘reportable incident’ occurring within a year at the 1500m depth of the Kaikōura well.

“This research shows while existing shallow water sites such as Taranaki carry a risk of only around 10 per cent, the risk is dramatically increased at deeper levels.

“Amy Adams went to great lengths to keep this information from the public. In fact, she told Parliament there is a ‘very low risk’ of a large scale oil spill occurring.

If the government was really confident about safety, they'd let the facts speak for themselves. The fact that they lied about it and suppressed this data tells us they're worried - but they're willing to gamble with out environment anyway, because they have no other economic plan.