Wednesday, November 20, 2013


The latest NSALeak: Norway's intelligence services spied on their own citizens for the NSA:

Norway's intelligence services said they, not the US National Security Agency, collected data on more than 33 million phone conversations in Norway over the space of one month last year.

The comments came following a report on Tuesday by Dagbladet, the Norwegian daily, that said the NSA collected the ‘meta data’ on the private phone calls of over 33 million Norwegian phone calls last December and January.

Norwegian intelligence says it voluntarily shares the collected data with the Americans in the name of security.

According to other stories, the surveillance is "in total disregard for Norwegian law" and politicians had been assured by the US that their country was not a target for surveillance.

Norway gave us the word we apply to politicians and institutions who collaborate with foreign powers: Quisling. And today, that word seems to apply to their own spies.