Friday, February 21, 2014


For three months, the people of the Ukraine have been protesting in Euromaidan in Kiev for the restoration of their constitution, and end to corruption, and a European future. Initially the government met them with tear gas and beatings. Now it has started murdering them. An estimated 75 people are dead so far, most killed by government snipers; hundreds more are injured. But rather than reacting with fear and submission, the protestors have reacted with rage, seizing the streets of Kiev. Outside the capital, regional and local governments are under siege, and people are stealing weapons from military armouries.

I have no idea how this is going to end (other than badly and messily and with a lot more bodies). But a government which murders its own people forfeits all legitimacy and deserves to be overthrown. Ideally that will be at the ballot box, but Ukraine's regime may not give people that option. And regardless of how it turns out, the murderers who have done this need to face justice - ideally under Ukrainian law, but under international law if that is not possible.