Tuesday, February 04, 2014

More lawlessness from the GCSB

For the past year, Kim Dotcom has been suing the GCSB over their illegal spying on him. Now it turns out that they have deleted the evidence against themselves:

Files relevant to Kim Dotcom's $6 million damages case have been deleted by the Government's spy agency, the internet mogul says.

Dotcom is suing the Government Communications Security Bureau after it was found to have illegally spied on him.

Crown Law, the Government's lawyers, told his legal team: "some communications have automatically aged off. We propose to include . . . those communications which are still recoverable", he said.

Once litigation is under way, parties are obliged to save relevant material. Dotcom's lawsuit has been under way for at least a year.

Isn't this perversion of the course of justice? Or at the very least, contempt of court? The spies have flouted the High Court Rules (and likely broken the Public Records Act) to advantage themselves in proceedings. That cannot be allowed to stand, and they need to be held accountable for it.

...As does their Minister. He has stood up in Parliament and said "this is a spy agency; we do not delete things; we archive them". Was he lying then, or just clueless about what his agency actually does?