Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Member's Day

Today is (finally) a Member's Day - the government having dragged out the opening debate on the Prime Minister's statement to delay it. Unfortunately, it looks like a pretty boring one - a local rates validation bill, a private bill to amend a birth certificate (of great significance to the person involved, but not that interesting to the rest of us), and the second readign of Paul Goldsmith's uncontentious Electronic Transactions (Contract Formation) Amendment Bill. After that there's Clare Curran's Electronic Data Safety Bill (would would legislatively establish a special commission of inquiry into privacy failures by government departments), and the House will probably make a start on Phil Twyford's Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill (which would allow EECA to set minimum standards for rental housing and require landlords to comply with them). If the House gets that far, there should be a ballot for a single bill tomorrow.