Monday, February 17, 2014

London says it will reject the will of the Scottish people

Just a week after English politicians united to threaten Scotland with a forced departure from the Pound, London is now saying that it may simply ignore a Scottish vote for independence:

UK ministers could block full independence for Scotland if Alex Salmond makes “impossible demands” after a Yes vote in September’s referendum.

The Independent has learned that, even if Scots vote to break away from the UK, this would not guarantee that all the Scottish National Party's demands would be met.

One senior government source said: "A Yes vote in the referendum would be the start of a process, not the end of one. We would start negotiations. But if Alex Salmond made impossible demands, we would not just roll over and agree to everything he wanted. If we could not reach agreement, the status quo would be the default option."

"The status quo" being "Scotland subservient to London". But if the Scots vote to leave, then refusing to let them seems to be pissing in the face of democracy. But then, isn't that what English colonialism was always about?

Meanwhile, it speaks volumes that the English think they can only get Scotland to stay in the same country by threats, bullying, and dirty tricks. And those tactics seem designed to backfire messily.