Monday, March 03, 2014

An abuse of office

That's the only way to describe Howick local board member Steve Udy's attempt to bully free booze out of a restaurant by threatening their liquor licence:

An Auckland politician has admitted making threatening comments about getting a restaurant's liquor licence pulled after being refused a free bottle of wine.

Howick local board member Steve Udy faces a formal complaint, after the incident last week at the Porterhouse Grill, a popular new family-owned restaurant in Pakuranga.

Resident Peter Barclay, who is related to one of the staff, has lodged a complaint with Auckland Council chief executive Stephen Town, demanding Udy be censured for using his position to solicit a gift.

The Auckland Council's Code of Conduct (which applies to Auckland local boards) requires that board members "not solicit, demand, or request any gift, reward or benefit by virtue of their position". Udy has clearly breached that. He has also potentially breached section 105 of the Crimes Act 1961 by attempting to solicit a bribe. Either way, he's ethically unfit for public office and should resign.