Monday, March 10, 2014

"Out of the blue"

'Love' for PM spurs $105,000 donation, Stuff, 17 July 2010:

A top Auckland restaurateur has given $105,000 to the National Party, saying although he was too Right-wing for any political party, his "love" for the prime minister prompted him to do it.


Asked the reason for his largesse, restaurant owner Tony Astle said Mr Key was a customer he had known for several years.

"Well, I just love the prime minister. I've never really been a person to give money to parties, but I decided this time I would. We need them back again, we don't need those other pretenders."

Campaign donations favour the right, Stuff, 3 November 2011:
Antoine's Restaurant in Parnell, owned by outspoken John Key supporter Tony Astle, was the other National donor, giving the party $60,000.

It follows another $105,000 donation last June from the Parnell restaurant, where Mr Key and wife Bronagh are regular diners.

New Year Honours: Tony Astle ONZM, New Zealand Herald, 31 December 2012:
"It came out of the blue, really - I wasn't expecting it at all," said restaurateur Tony Astle of his award.

The 62-year-old owns the renowned Antoine's restaurant in Parnell, Auckland, which he opened with his wife, Beth, in 1973.

"I'm very excited about it, because, well, you don't expect these sorts of things when you're a chef," Mr Astle said.

Oddly, the final story doesn't mention the donations, any more than the current kerfuffle mentions the honour. You'd think its potentially relevant to the discussion.