Tuesday, March 04, 2014

How predictable

With Russian troops occupying Crimea, Europe is planning sanctions. And naturally, Britain is planning to stab them in the back to protect its London money-laundering business:

Britain is drawing up plans to ensure that any EU action against Russia over Ukraine will exempt the City of London, according to a secret government document photographed in Downing Street.

As David Cameron said Britain and its EU partners would put pressure on Moscow after it assumed control of Crimea, a government document drawn up for a meeting of senior ministers said that "London's financial centre" should not be closed to Russians. It did say that visa restrictions and travel bans could be imposed on Russian officials.


Government officials said that no decisions were taken at the meeting of the NSC, but they confirmed that the call in the document for London's financial centre to kept open to Russians reflected the government's thinking that it wanted to target action against Moscow and not damage British interests.

It apparently being in "Britain's interests" to retain its place as the money-laundering capital of the world. Because to the British elite, money trumps ethics.

Russia is a corrupt kleptocracy. If you want to hurt its government, you go for the money. As for the bankers, they should be in the dock as accessories to the plunder. Merely putting them out of business is letting them off lightly.