Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The same problems everywhere

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service is Canada's equivalent of the NZ SIS. It is responsible for conducting covert operation and collecting and analysing intelligence on threats to "national security".

According to CSIS, Canada's indigenous people are such a threat:

Secret documents from Canada’s spy agency show that the Canadian government was getting ready in case last year’s Idle No More protests “escalated.”

A heavily-redacted 11-page report — with one entire page missing — obtained under the Access to Information Act shows that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service was involved in preparing an all-of-government approach to dealing with the First Nations protests, which began in late 2012.

The redactions were, in part, because the information related to “the efforts of Canada towards detecting, preventing or suppressing subversive or hostile activities,” according to a letter from the spy agency.

Because obviously indigenous people getting upset about the government shitting on them and their environment and protesting peacefully about it is a threat to "national security".

And then spies wonder why we see them as a threat to democracy...