Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A new alliance?

So, its official: Mana and the Internet Party are forming an electoral alliance. Given that the two parties have practically nothing in common its an odd alliance, and its hard to escape the feeling that Kim Dotcom is basically buying the electorate seat he needs, especially as they'll be providing the money. And on the gripping hand, Mana's members (give or take Sue Bradford) are apparently happy with the arrangement. Its their party, so who am I to disagree?

As for the practical effects: its likely to be a tight election (especially as National has no friends), so every seat will be crucial. Stopping 1% of the vote from being wasted and locking it onto the anti-National side could be the difference between a National-led and Labour-led government. If so, we can expect more wailing about MMP from National in future.