Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How it works in Nauru

In most countries, when an opposition MP criticises the government, its called democracy in action. In Nauru, the government abuses its majority to suspend them from parliament:

Nauru's justice minister, David Adeang, led an urgent government motion in parliament yesterday to suspend three members of the opposition, Dr Kieren Keke, Roland Kun and Mathew Batsiua.

Reports say the reason for the government's move to suspend the opposition MPs was because they felt the three had made comments in interviews with foreign media which Mr Adeang says damages Nauru's development.

There's more information here; the comments in question criticised the government's attacks on the independence of the judiciary.

So, first they remove judges who disagree with them, now they purport to remove MPs. Just another sign of Nauru's descent into dictatorship...