Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Our quisling Prime Minister

John Key was grilled in the House today about the GCSB's involvement in US drone-murders, and his answers were troubling. First, as is clear from his comments before Question Time, he supports the US drone murder programme, even when it leads to civilian deaths. But he shouldn't be so comfortable. The UN considers these drone strikes to be an ongoing war crime. And that means that those who provide intelligence support for them are co-conspirators, liable under both international and New Zealand law. That's something we need a full public inquiry into, followed by prosecutions if necessary.

But more troubling was Key's attitude to the murder of kiwis. He clearly supports it, and when asked if he would instruct the GCSB to place conditions on the intelligence they share with their US "partners" that it could not be used to murder kiwis (as the Germans do for their citizens), his answer was simple: "no".

What do you call a Prime Minister who is willing to sacrifice the lives of the people he's supposed to represent to suck up to a foreign power? A lickspittle and a quisling. And the sooner we vote him out of office, the better.