Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Green list

The Greens have released their party list for the election. Unlike last time, when they were coming out of a generational renewal, this list is more aimed at locking in the talented team elected in 2011. There's some minor juggling, reflecting the relative differences in performance among the MPs, but no major upsets. Steffan Browning and Denise Roche now get to be the cusp candidates, to make way for James Shaw and for their more popular caucus mates. There's some great new talent lined up behind them on the list as well, but the Greens will have to do better than ever before to get them elected (or I suppose have some more mid-term renewal, but there's no-one in their team that I really want to see gone yet).

As with previous elections, I've done a table showing candidates relative placements with last time:

2014 RankName2011 RankDifference
1Metiria Turei10
2Russel Norman20
3Kevin Hague30
4Eugenie Sage6+2
5Gareth Hughes7+2
6Catherine Delahunty4-2
7Kennedy Graham5-2
8Julie Anne Genter13+5
9Mojo Mathers14+5
10Jan Logie9-1
11Dave Clendon8-3
12Holly Walker120
13James Shaw15+2
14Denise Roche11-3
15Steffan Browning10-5
16Marama Davidson----
17Barry Coates----
18John Hart----
19Dave Kennedy23+4
20Jeanette Elley19-1
21Jack McDonald46+25
22David Moorhouse52+30
23Sea Rotmann20-3
24Aaryn Barlow18-6
25Richard Leckinger17-8
26Umesh Perinpanayagam----
27Susanne Ruthven----
28Teresa Moore51+23
29Dora Langsbury22-9
30Tane Woodley24-6
Further candidate details can be found here.