Monday, October 13, 2014

Apparently, NZ has a terror level

And its just been raised from "very low" to "low" because John Key is terrified he doesn't look tough enough in the "war on terror":

New Zealand's national threat level in response to risk posed by foreign fighters and Isis has gone from "very low'' to ''low'' Prime Minister John Key said this afternoon but the Government will advance ''urgent'' law changes in response anyway.

Mr Key said Cabinet had today approved terms of reference for a a review of settings in relation to ''foreign terrorist fighters''.

Key has finally admitted that terrorism is already illegal, but claims that it is too difficult to gain a conviction (note: there have been no trials, or even charges, so his empirical basis for this claim is zero). So we're going to have new laws limiting freedom of movement and creating new criminal offences because our police and spies are too fucking lazy to do their jobs properly, and the Minister in charge of them is too fucking lazy to do his and say "no".

(Image stolen from @megapope)