Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Today's lesson

If your dad is a cop, you can get away with raping kids:

Police are to make an announcement this afternoon on Operation Clover, the investigation into the "Roast Busters" allegations.

The Herald understands the victim has been told that the alleged offenders will not be prosecuted due to a lack of evidence.

"Lack of evidence" meaning "we ignored the complaints for two years, then we dragged our feet for another year, then we decided that any testimony would be regarded as unreliable in court". Heckuva job you're doing there. I hope all of you wearing that uniform are proud of yourselves.

Meanwhile, the public should be asking themselves: if the NZ police can't prosecute a case like this, where offenders gloated online about their crimes and even posted video footage, what fucking good are they? And why are we paying them when they are clearly incapable of doing their job?