Monday, October 06, 2014


The police have raided Nicky Hager's home and seized his computers. So, once again a journalist who has embarrassed the Prime Minister faces the full force of the state (though this time after the election - which is convenient for the Prime Minister). Its particularly outrageous because this is an explicit attempt to uncover his sources - something he has legal privilege against.

Hager has a statement here, and his lawyer is working on challenging the warrant. There's a process in the Search and Surveillance Act for that; the question is whether the police will obey it, or whether they're pretending that Hager isn't a journalist so they can go snooping. It'll also be interesting to find out whether they've used a production order to seize his phone records - a process which is being used overseas to bypass journalistic privilege.

Meanwhile, its also highly illuminating about police priorities. Break electoral law, and they do nothing. Pervert the course of justice, and they look the other way. Rape underage girls, and its too hard. But embarrass the Prime Minister, and they're kicking in doors. You'd almost think they were the jackbooted thugs of the powers-that-be, rather than neutral enforcers of the law...