Thursday, March 19, 2015

And everyone keps their jobs...

Today's Roastbusters report was absolutely damning. And it was particularly damning of two specific police officers - labelled "Officer E" and "Officer C" - who were found to have failed to meet the basic standards required for a police investigation and failed to supervise staff effectively.

Naturally, these muppets have kept their jobs:

Police Commissioner Mike Bush said three of the five officers criticised within the report had been moved to other policing roles outside the child abuse and adult sexual assault teams, but would remain in the force.

"This is a performance issue and it will be dealt with as such."

He could not comment on their new roles.

This is not good enough. The failures of these two officers have allowed rapists to go free and denied their victims justice. They should be out on their arse. And the fact that they are not, even after a failure of this magnitude, speaks volumes about the priorities of the police.