Thursday, March 26, 2015

Key will abandon kiwis to die

Speaking in Japan, John Key has reaffirmed his policy of leaving kiwis to die if they are taken hostage by ISIS:

[Key] said he and Mr Abe taalked about recent terror attacks on Japanese citizens and the broader threat of Islamic State.

He said New Zealand, along with Japan and other countries, has a firm policy of not paying ransom for hostages, as that effectively puts a bounty on the head of every New Zealand citizen.

And he said New Zealand was not willing to contribute to what was a money-making exercise for Islamic State.

So, again: Key's policy if a kiwi is ever taken hostage is not to do everything possible to save their lives, but instead to abandon them to die in pursuit of an abstract principle of not dealing with "terrorists". That's how much John Key cares about our lives. I guess he's hoping it never happens, because he'll be absolutely crucified if it does, and he does nothing.