Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Our government should represent us, not the NSA

The Herald reports that New Zealanders reject mass surveillance:

Kiwis have rejected government surveillance of their own communications - and that of people in other countries, according to new survey.

An Amnesty International survey of about 1000 people shows 63 per cent of Kiwis surveyed are opposed to the government monitoring and storing their own internet and mobile phone use.

Just 22 per cent supported mass surveillance practices - either in New Zealand or against other countries.

According to the survey results, 53 per cent of Kiwis rejected the use of powerful electronic surveillance technologies being used against other countries - a practice alleged to be conducted by New Zealand's Government Communications Surveillance Bureau.

75% of us also oppose US mass surveillance, with only 13% supporting it.

Our government is supposed to represent us and reflect our views. It doesn't. Instead, they support and represent the views of the NSA, a foreign spy agency. And there are some very ugly words for that.