Monday, March 16, 2015

Cui bono?

Who benefits from the unjustifiable travel rort for former MPs? In addition to retired MPs first elected before 1999, a number of current MPs stand to benefit when they retire. These are:

The 90% club

  • Peter Dunne (1984)
  • Ruth Dyson (1993)
  • Bill English (1990)
  • Phil Goff (1981)
  • Annette King (1984)
  • Murray McCully (1987)
  • Trevor Mallard (1984)
  • Damien O'Connor (1993)
  • Winston Peters (1978)
  • Nick Smith (1990)
  • Maurice Williamson (1987)
The 75% club
  • Gerry Brownlee (1996)
  • David Carter (1994)
  • Nanaia Mahuta (1996)
  • Ron Mark (1996)
As Graeme Edgeler points out, there's no justification for this:
The vast majority of former members of Parliament who now benefit from this entitlement never suffered the “loss” that justified it. It was never a condition of their terms of employment, and was not factored into salary determinations in the way that MP’s direct travel entitlements were.

They've now had 16 years to get used to the idea that this rort wasn't sticking around (and for 13 of those years they effectively got to enjoy it as sitting MPs). That's more than enough. Its time for it to go.