Monday, August 24, 2015


The Nauruan Court of Appeal has acquitted two men who had been convicted of rioting:

The convictions of two asylum seekers jailed over riots at the Nauru immigration detention centre were overturned after the Nauruan Court of Appeal identified serious flaws in the investigation and original trial.

In a scathing judgement, the court said the magistrate in the original trial failed to take into account serious flaws in the identification of the two men and also made "very prejudicial" comments that appeared to suggest there was an onus on the two men to disprove their guilt.

The court also said it was concerned Wilson Security appeared to have carried out the investigation that led to the men being charged, rather than the correct authority - the Nauruan Police Force (NPF).

Sadly, given past behaviour by the Nauruan regime, they'll probably respond by dissolving the court and exiling the judges. Again.

As for the victims, they'd already served months in jail. Will the Nauruan regime pay compensation for wrongful imprisonment?