Friday, August 21, 2015

Another rotten state house

Radio New Zealand today is highlighting the plight of Te Ao Marama Wensor, whose stat ehouse is so rotten that it is literally killing her son:

It was two years ago when the same son was rushed to hospital after fainting and having a seizure.

Initially diagnosed with the flu, it later turned out the child has two holes in each lung, and an enlarged heart valve which pumps too much blood to his brain, causing clots.

He has had at least three strokes and is not allowed to run in case the valve ruptures, and he has a heart attack.

Ms Wensor said specialists have since told her that toxic bacteria from mould in their house was what had caused his lung problems, and contributes to the size of the heart valve.

She remains composed throughout the interview, but her voice wobbles as she says she worries she will wake up one morning, to find that her son has died in the night.

But despite repeated requests from health professionals to move the family, Housing New Zealand hasn't done anything. For two years. They say its because another home isn't available, but again, two years - they could have built one in that time. And its very hard to escape the conclusion that they simply do not give a shit, that it does not matter to them if their tenants live or die.

To say that this isn't good enough is an understatement. Homes shouldn't kill - and state-provided ones above all should be better than private sector ratholes. But National isn't interested in funding House NZ to ensure that all its home are warm and safe. They would rather spend the money on tax cuts for their rich mates, rather than ensuring that people don't die. And again, the name "murderers" seems applicable; this is a deliberate decision which shows a callous disregard for the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in our society. And our politicians need to be held accountable for it.