Thursday, August 20, 2015

Open government: "Insulting"

That's how Transparency International is describing National's "consultation" on its Open Government Partnership Midterm Self-Assessment Report:

Transparency International, the non-government body that promotes high ethical standards and openness by governments, described the 24 day consultation period as "insulting".

"If anything, [it] undermines the principle of open government," Transparency's New Zealand chairwoman, Suzanne Snively said.

Presumably Transparency's local patron, National Party grandee, former deputy prime minister and one-time Commonwealth secretary-general, Sir Don McKinnon, is happy to be associated with such uncharacteristic bluntness from an organisation that prides itself on a restrained and analytical approach.

Like the public consultation on the country's climate change targets, this is a consultation you have when you're really just going through the motions.

It doesn't square with the OGP 's requirement of member countries that they "consult the population with adequate forewarning" about the proposed national action plan and undertake "awareness raising activities to enhance public participation in the consultation".

But its worse than that, because we're breaking the OGP's rules with our shit consultation. So its entirely likely that the government's half-hearted involvement in the OGP will result in us getting a negative international reputation for doing so. Unfortunately, the deep state will likely try and blame this on transparency, rather than their lack of commitment to it.