Thursday, August 20, 2015

Stitching up refugees

Australia's refugee gulag has seen guards rape, murder, and torture those under their care. As if that wasn't enough, they've also started stitching them up for prosecution:

An Australian-paid guard at Nauru is accused of falsely claiming an asylum seeker violently assaulted him then perjuring himself in court, before confessing to the lie in a secret recording made by a colleague.

Fairfax Media has obtained a copy of the alleged confession, in which the Wilson Security guard boasts about the incident and jokes about taking a "dive" – the sporting term for falling to the ground and faking an injury. The guard said he wanted the asylum seeker convicted so he would never be settled in Australia.

The asylum seeker is believed to be a young Iranian man. It is understood he spent one month in jail for the alleged assault and tried to kill himself at least three times after being falsely accused – once almost successfully hanging himself.

Wilson Security says there was not enough evidence to make a finding against the guard, despite the company's own investigators apparently recording his confession.

Wilson Security didn't bother to tell the Australian government, and its not even clear if they informed the Nauruan authorities - though the victim was acquitted. But you really have to wonder just how toxic an organisation they are when their staff think its appropriate to do this - and how often it has happened and not been detected.