Thursday, October 29, 2015

Australia are people-smugglers

Earlier this year the Australian government reportedly bribed the crew of a refugee boat to return to Indonesia. Today, Amnesty International fingered them for people smuggling over the incident:

Australian government officials may have engaged in people smuggling, by allegedly paying the crew of an asylum seeker boat to return its passengers to Indonesia, an Amnesty International investigation has found.

In May this year, the 65 passengers and six crew of an asylum seeker boat bound for New Zealand said they were intercepted by an Australian naval ship and an Australian Border Force vessel in international waters.

Australian government officials on board reportedly paid the crew of the vessel $32,000 – in US $100 bills – and instructed them to return the asylum seekers to Indonesia, directing them to Rote Island.

After interviewing all 65 passengers who were on board the ship, as well as the six crew and Indonesian officials, the Amnesty report press release concluded “all of the available evidence points to Australian officials having committed a transnational crime”.

Australia's anti-refugee operation is supposedly there to prevent brown people reaching Australia people smuggling. Instead, they're committing it. Just another example of how lawless Australia has become in its efforts to prevent refugees from exercising their lawful rights.