Thursday, October 08, 2015

Australia's new refugee horror

To the rapes, the beatings, the torture, and the murders, Australia now has a new horror in its refugee gulags: denying abortions to rape victims:

Australia is refusing to grant an abortion to a Somali woman who was raped after Canberra sent her to Nauru.

The 23-year-old refugee says she was raped on Nauru and is now 11 weeks pregnant.

Lawyers acting on her behalf have asked the Australian government to fly her back to Australia for a possible termination, but have reportedly received no reply from either the Prime Minister or the Immigration Minister.

The reason for this is simple: the legality of the gulags, and Australia's power to render refugees to them from Australia, is currently being challenged in the Australian courts. The Australian government is afraid that permitting refugees to enter Australia for medical care will mean they cannot then be rendered back to the gulag, and so they have been denying people that care. Its monstrous - but sadly what we've come to expect from modern Australia.