Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Member's day

Today is a member's day, and a busy one. There's no private or local bills to clutter the Order Paper, so we get to see some actual member's bills, with no scope for a National filibuster.

First up is Phil Goff's Education (Charter Schools Curriculum) Amendment Bill which will require charter schools to follow the national curriculum. National will vote it down. Then there's Carmel Sepuloni's Social Workers Registration (Mandatory Registration) Amendment Bill, which does what it says on the label. I don't know how that one will turn out. Third up is Adrian Rurawhe's Official Information (Parliamentary Under-Secretaries) Amendment Bill. This one ought to be absolutely uncontentious - Parliamentary Undersecretaries are part of the executive, so of course they should be covered by the OIA in the same way that Ministers are. It will be interesting to see whether it goes to committee, or whether National manages to get its crony-parties to vote against transparency (it will also be interesting to see how David Seymour votes on it, since he's the target). Finally there's Clayton Cosgrove's Keep Kiwibank Bill, which would require a referendum or supermajority for any full or partial sale of Kiwibank. I expect National will vote that one down too (which will tell us a lot about their future plans). If the House moves quickly, it may make it to Gareth Hughes' Electricity Industry (Small-Scale Renewable Distributed Generation) Amendment Bill, and that's a reasonable possibility. Which means a ballot for three or four bills tomorrow, just in time for David Seymour's End of Life Choice Bill (which I think deserves its own post).