Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The Peterloo mindset again

On 16 August 1819, the people of Manchester held a protest meeting on St Peter's Field to demand the right to vote. The British government called it a seditious riot and sent in the cavalry to murder them.

Sadly, that authoritarian mindset is not yet dead. Those protesting outside the Tory party conference last weekend did so under the guns of snipers:

Police have defended their use of snipers posted on rooftops during the Conservative Party Conference as anti-austerity protesters marched below - saying they were there "purely for observation".

Pictures were posted on social media of a marksman, wielding a rifle, on the top of a building in Manchester city centre.

On the streets below, up to 60,000 people, including singers Billy Bragg and Charlotte Church, were protesting against the Government's cuts to public spending.

The message is clear: protest and you might be shot. Just another example of how modern Britain has returned to being a tyranny. And with a fixed electoral system and entrenched establishment preventing any hope of democratic change, those wanting to be free really only have one option: leave.