Thursday, August 18, 2016

Australia tortures more children

Another day, more images of Australian prison guards torturing and humiliating children in their care...:

Images of alleged mistreatment at Townsville's Cleveland Youth Detention Centre have emerged, prompting calls for the royal commission into Northern Territory juvenile detention to be extended to Queensland.

One series of CCTV images obtained exclusively by 7.30 shows a boy, 17, being held face down by five adults. He was handcuffed, ankle-cuffed, stripped naked then left alone in isolation for more than an hour.

The incident was prompted by the boy refusing to have a shower.

Images from another incident caught on CCTV footage show a girl in a swimming pool being threatened by security guards with an un-muzzled dog.

The images are from reports from Queensland's Youth Detention Inspectorate from 2013 and 2015, but have been kept secret until now. Which just shows the pointlessness of secret, internal inquiries. The abuse and humiliation was detected, reported, and then covered up, because exposing it and punishing the perpetrators would have made the government look bad. And that's just not good enough.